How to choose a destination will depend about what you want to find, get or know in Japan. Each person has her/his own reasons to travel to Japan. Many people arrive to Japan annually. It is important you have the correct motivation to come to this country and choose the proper Japan destination. Japan has several wonderful cities, but each one will offer you different options to get ahead professionally and personally.

How to choose a destination can be challenging, we recommend you make a list of what the most popular destinations in Japan have to offer in order to take a decision. The following paragraphs will provide you a brief reference about Japan, Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, and Nagoya:

  • Japan is a country made up of many islands, some large and others very smalls, arranged in an arch east of the Asian continent. Japan is rich with natural marvels, like forests, mountains, lakes, and volcanoes. The country is divided into eight regions. Japan is moving toward technological and financial superiority over the US. It remains the world’s second-largest economy in terms of GDP, and Japan and the United States are heavily interested in each other’s well-being. Its educational sytem is one of the best apurnd the world. Many japanese schools, colleges, technical institutes, and universities are top ranked. The rate of employees has growth dramatically because of the industry development. Japan is a great country to learn a new language and find many oportunities.

  • Tokyo is among the world’s leading destinations. It is one of the most important and exciting cities in the world today. Tokyo offers an amazing array of arts, foods, fashion, and entertainment at any hour of the day for the more adventurous. You will find many of the best Japanese schools in Tokio and the rate of jobs is high.

  • Kyoto is the home of world-renowned manufacturers like Nintendo, Rohm, Murata, Wacoal, Omron, and Daihatsu. Kyoto Research Park, in the city center, has also attracted an international community of high-tech venture developers and academic researchers, both Japanese and foreign. Kyoto is also one of the world’s most culturally rich cities, with 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, over 400 Shinto shrines, and more than 1600 Buddist temples.

  • Osaka is a vibrant metropolis, inhabited by famously easygoing citizens with a taste for the good things in life. Osaka is a major commercial port with state-of-the art facilities, first-rate hotels, and an extensive public transportation system. It is also especially famous for its underground shopping arcades, among the most extensive in the world.

  • Nagoya is the political, cultural, and financial center of Japan. It is one of the cities in Asia which has promoted the advanced bus system from early days. Most Japanese industries are located int this city. These industries include companies such as Toyata, Susuki, Mitsubishi, and Samsumg. Most imporant technical instittes are located there too.  

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