Kyoto, as any other city in Japan includes good language schools in its territory. That is why the city receives many international students each year. Kyoto was the capital of Japan in the past; so, there are several landmarks and old constructions that represent that glorious moment of the city. Definitely, students are going to learn a lot about the culture and history of Japan in Kyoto.

About the city

Kyoto is a wonderful city in Japan with plenty of districts, amusements parks, and excellent restaurants. This city also has hectic nightlife, stunning ancient architecture and amazing friendly people who welcome visitors all the time. Kyoto was the capital of Japan in ancient times for over a millennium approximately. That is why this city is considered as the first city in Japan to have a strong cultural and historical legacy.

Visitors can find spectacular landmarks around the city such as palaces, temples, shrines and much more. These amazing architectonical pieces are spread in different locations called districts. Here is a list of the districts in Kyoto as follows:

Arashiyama - In this district, foreigners can enjoy some of the most spectacular green environments and astonishing landscapes. As an example, we can mention the green hills of Arashiyama.

Central - This district is characterized for housing the Nijō Castle. Foreigners can also find the modern Kyoto station there.

Higashiyama. A larger number of tourists visit this district normally to see some of the most spectacular sites in the world. We are talking about the geisha area of Gion and the famous sites alongside the Philosopher’s Path.

North - The North district is, without a doubt, the potential touristic district of Kyoto because this important part of the city houses many world heritage sites such as the gilded pavilion of Kinkaku-ji, for example.

South - The south district is basically a big part of the former capital. This district extends itself from the Fushimi-ku Daigo until the Ōharano region in the west and the east with the Higashiyama-ku in the southern part of Kyoto.

Kyoto Imperial Palace, Kyoto The Temple of the Silver Pavilion, Kyoto

There are several impressive ancient constructions in the city that foreigners can see. As an example, we can mention the Adashino Nenbutsuji with thousands of stone Buddha sculptures, The Byodo –In (which was founded in the year of 1052), the Chionin (where it is located the magnificent temple of Jodo), the Daigoji temple (which was built in 874), and the Yasaka Shire, just to mention a few.

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Why learn Japanese in Kyoto?

Kyoto is a great city in Japan that has an amazing cultural and historical background. The city was the capital of Japan for almost a millennium and many interesting landmarks and touristic spots are available for tourists. Nevertheless, the city includes reliable language schools that provide Japanese language courses. In addition, the city has stunning green environments and spectacular landscapes. There are a large number of facilities for foreigners who want to live the vibrant experience of learning Japanese in a beautiful city in Asia.

What we like:

Kyoto photos

Sanjusangendo Hall, Kyoto Sunset Above Fushimi Inari Shrine, Kyoto Kyoto National Museum Tofukuji Temple, Kyoto

Japanese courses in Kyoto

Kyoto Minsai Japanese Language School
Course:  In this language school, foreign students can find two important courses to start studying Japanese language.  We are talking about the short term intensive courses and the foundation courses.  The Minsai Japanese Language School has efficient teachers and comfortable installations. Basically, the Short term course was created for people who want to learn Japanese quickly. The length of the course is from 3 to 9 weeks. The foundation courses are specialized courses that are focused on the preparation of the students to pass the international exams of Japanese language.
Phone: 075-316-0190
Address: Kyotoshi Ukyoku Nishikyogoku Kitaoiricho 69

Kyoto Institute of Culture and Language
Courses: In this magnificent Japanese language school in Kyoto, students who come from different parts of the world learn the Japanese language through three main levels: Beginner, Lower intermediate and advanced. There are high qualified teachers. The beginner course has a length of six months; the lower intermediate course and the advance course last twelve months each.
1-253 753-1369
+44 -12-2528-0008

Nihongo Center
Courses: The prestigious Nihongo center offers several courses such as the long term intensive course that lasts about six months. This course is separated into four levels and the majority of the classes are designed according to the improvement of the student. The capacity is from 12 to 20 people per class. The Regular course is quite convenient to prepare students to become fluent in Japanese conversations. The course lasts three months. However, students can take more classes if they want.
Phone: +81-75-344-3776

Kyoto YMCA Japanese Language courses
Courses: In this language school, students learn Japanese language from Basic until intermediate level. The program is called Intensive Japanese in Japan. The courses are divided into four elemental levels.

The Kyoto Center for Japanese Linguist Studies
Course: There are reliable courses such as the summer short term course, the special course, the Regular course and the evening course. The courses were created for people who have different levels of language proficiency.
Address: 394-2 Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 602-0917
Phone: 81-75-414-0449

Learning Japanese in Kyoto

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