Travelling around Japan sounds exciting and quite amazing because this country has incredible characteristics of an ancient culture and a millenary legacy. For example, the city of Tokyo is very modern but it holds some important ancient buildings that have a singular architectonic style.

Tokyo receives thousands of western visitors each year thanks to its technological advancements. However, the city is not only full of foreigners who visit the principal touristic spots of the city, but there are youth students who come from different parts of the world with the same goal: To learn the Japanese language. We can mention the Meguro Language Center (81 03-3493-3727), and The Hiroo Japanese Center (81 03-3713-4958) as some of the best learning centers.

About the city

Japan is a modern country that has some spectacular cities such as Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya and Tokyo. As a main city in Japan, Tokyo has a large number of impressive features that attracts thousands of tourists each year. The city is quite big; it includes 8 mini villages called “Mura”, 26 suburban areas called “Shi”, 5 small towns called “chō” and several islands around its territory. This city is considered as a political and business center because it is the capital of the nation since 1868. Before this time, Kyoto was the official Japanese Capital.

Tokyo is a wonderful Japanese city that is situated in the kanto region. The town was created in 1943 and since then Tokyo has been developing enormously. That is why nowadays the city is considered as one of the three representative cities with a strong participation in the world economy.  In 2010, Tokyo was declared as the most expensive city in Asia, as reported by the Economist Intelligence Unit. The Monocle Magazine mentions Tokyo as the fourth liveable city in the world.

Initially in 1868, the city was known as Edo and has served as political center to Japan since 1603 when a feudal government was established by Tokugawa Leyasu. Few years later, Edo became huge in population. In 1868, the Edo was changed to Tokyo; it means “Eastern Capital” in order to be the new capital of the Japanese people.

Sensoji Temple, Tokyo Yasukuni Shrine, Tokyo

Nowadays, the city can boast of being one of the most interesting cities for westerners not only because of its modernity, stunning skyscrapers and impressive parks but also for its culture, people and customs. Visitors can find big shopping malls full of electronic items, clothes, handicrafts and much more. In addition, there are several museums in the city where people can learn a bit about the culture of Japan, as well as historic temples, colorful gardens that present big green spaces where foreigners can stop to rest and breathe fresh and pure air. Using tools such as webcamsmania.com is a great solution to observe cultures around the world. Observing live webcams located on Historic Streets, beaches, airports, even personal webcams available for you is a nice way to know the culture of an unknown country. The personal webcams section (www.webcamsmania.com/personal) show you moments of everyday life of many people.

Tokyo has a humid subtropical climate that consists of hot and humid summers as well as mild winters. August is considered as the warmest month of the year (27.5° Centigrade/ 81.5° Fahrenheit) and January is considered as the coolest month (42.8° Fahrenheit/ 6.0° Centigrade.)

Why learn Japanese in Tokyo?

Tokyo as the capital of Japan includes several facilities for foreigners who want to learn the Japanese language. Although this language seems quite complicated, Tokyo has some of the best universities, colleges, and language schools with qualify teachers in the entire city. People are going to have an amazing experience by learning the culture and the language at the same time. In addition, foreign students are able to visit a large number of spectacular temples, shrines and castles.

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Tokyo photos

Yoyogi Park, Tokyo Imperial Palace, Tokyo Dome City, Tokyo Happo-en Garden, Tokyo

Japanese courses in Tokyo

Meguro Language Center
Course: The Meguro Language center provides an intensive and reliable course that consists of 5 days a week. The total number of hours per day is 3. The classes start on any Monday and the student decides the finalization of the course.  This Japanese language program is characterized for its personalized lessons. Two students are enough to start the lesson. There are two different tutors available to help students in any problem that is related with the course.
Phone: 81 03-3493-3727 

Hiroo Japanese Center
Course:  This language school offers basic lessons 5 times a week with a length of 2 hours per day. The class is also personalized and it does not accept more than 5 students per class. The book that the teachers use is the Shin Nihongo no kiso 1 & 2.
Phone: +81 03-3444-3481 

Evergreen Language School
Course: The program is designed to be taught 3 hours per class, 5 times per week. It is an efficient program that uses the reliable book Shin Nihongo no Kiso 1 & 2 for basic level and the Nihongo Chukyu Dokkai Nyumon for upper levels.
Phone: +81 03-3713-4958 

Tokyo Central Japanese Language School
Course: This important language school has several programs that offer good Japanese courses. In fact, each course is focused in different types of people. For example, there are regular Japanese courses, Business Japanese courses, intensive courses for beginners and Japanese conversation classes. 
Phone: 03-5411-3331

Shibuya Gaigo Gakuim Language School
Courses: There are different courses and programs available in this Japanese language school. As an example we can mention the full time course, the ten week course, the one month course, the one day a week course and the private and semi private courses.  Each program has different schedules and prices
Phone: +81-3-3461-8854
Address: Sakuragaoka-cho/ shibuya-ku Tokyo (8-18) 150-0031

Genki Japanese and Culture School
Course: This innovative Japanese language school in Tokyo offer some of the smallest class sizes, with a maximum of 8 students per class, flexible programs that start every Monday, and fun courses including traditional culture, pop culture, and more. Voted as Star World Language School 2016, the first Japanese school ever to receive this award!
Phone: +81-3-6457-3554
Address: Shinjuku 5-17-6, Tokyo

Learning Japanese in Tokyo

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