Japanese is part of the Japonic language family that includes many other languages that are spoken in the vicinity of the island. Currently, it is calculated that Japanese language is spoken by at least 130 million people in Japan and in the Japanese emigrant communities. There are many beliefs that Japanese grammar and the other Japanese language aspects are difficult to learn, while it is true that Japanese language is a completely new world with a strange pronunciation and symbols, it only depends on you to make of learning Japanese an easy and fun process.

Reasons for coming to study in Japan

Currently, the number of people who want to speak Japanese is growing, due to many reasons, including:
  • To know the Japanese culture, one of the most ancient and wonderful cultures in the world.

  • To find better job opportunities.

  • To study in one of the well-renowned Japanese universities.

Whatever your reason to learn Japanese language is, remember that the best place to learn it is definitely where it is spoken, so if you have the possibility to travel to Japan to study Japanese language do not waste this opportunity.

Being realistic, not many people can travel to Japan to study Japanese, if you are one of those people and you live in USA, remember that in USA there are also placed many renowned language schools that offers a good teaching, such as:

  • Le Tutor Language School, located in Phoenix. This offers good quality of teaching with native-speaking teachers and useful resources.

  • PC TECH, this is a well-known vocational technical that offers ESL programs and Japanese language classes, as well as computer training courses. This is located school located in New York City.

  • Kanji Camp, located in Northern Indianapolis, Indiana. They provide a creative Japanese instruction with specialized methods and well trained native-speaking teachers.

  • San Francisco State University, offers specialized courses in three main areas, language, culture and literature. This institution also offers translation and interpretation courses in many fields like business applications.

  • Hills learning, offers a large range of courses and programs for all levels. This is placed in Manhattan.

If you want more information, you may visit the section Classifieds in USA in other websites.

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