There are countless of reasons why to learn Japanese, perhaps the most popular is the fact that since Japan is the world's second largest economy, it makes sense that learning Japanese puts in your way many opportunities to improve your quality of life by merging you in such an astounding market. Not to mention that learning this language will also let you appreciate Japan's magnificent culture in a whole new level.

Reasons to Learn Japanese

There are myriad reasons why to learn Japanese language; here, we will attempt to summarize the most important ones.
  • Japan is the second largest economy in the world, so learning Japanese is sure to open many business doors for you.

  • Learning Japanese makes easier to learn languages such as Chinese, becoming a gateway to other Asian cultures.

  • It might be because Japan is an island nation, or perhaps for the unique of their language, but Japan's isolation has turned them into great innovators. Their creativity is close to legendary.

  • Learning Japanese will let you access this incredible culture.

  • There are many facts that make this language easy!

    • There is no verb conjugation.
    • Nouns are not divided in genders.
    • There are no articles (a/the).
    • Number (whether singular or plural) are barely used.
    • The pronunciation is very easy to learn since there are only 48 possible sounds.
    • Syntax (the order of words in a sentence) is free as long as you put the verb at the end.

  • Japanese represent the third largest group of internet users; just imagine how many communities you will be able to reach, and all the information available at your fingertips.

  • Japanese are known to be international tourists; speaking their language will allow you to communicate with them.

  • Maybe because they represent almost a third of internet users, there are myriad Japanese online courses.

  • This is one of those languages that will set you apart from the crowd.

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