Japan is an island nation between the Indic and the Pacific Ocean, its national language is Japanese and translations are common for tourists.

The need of Japanese translators

Since most tourists that travel to Japan do not know the local language (Japanese), translators are necessary. The majority of tours that are taken to visit the country offer a tour guide that will work as an informer and a translator through your trip in Japan.

Another translation performed in the country is the one for information, the translation of works or books is generally performed by professional translators in the country. There are different kinds of translations such as:

Japanese technical translator

A technical translator is the one with the knowledge of technical language; they are generally scientists or engineers with long experience and so they manage this kind of language easily.

Japanese sworn translator

A sworn translator is a notary that has passed an exam for translating public documents such as declarations and trials. These kinds of translators are official in the country and every translated document that they sign is an official document.

Japanese consecutive translator

The concept of consecutive translator is based on the concept of conversation, the translation material is a conversation or a meeting between two or more people and the translator must translate every word said in the meeting.

Japanese juridical translator

The translation of legal documents is not easy, the translator must know the law and the language well in order to protect and guarantee the rights of the person. The job of a juridical translator is to interpret the law and not to translate word by word. Find more information about law jobs in www.aboutlawjobs.com.

Translators in Japan as in any other place have some policies:

  • It is important that any translation company has some native translators because they have a better management of the language.

  • The use of technology is important in a translation company and the use of high-quality software for translation will make the job easy.

  • The term of delivery has to be strict in order to provide a good service.

  • Respect is also another policy of companies; a good translation company will always be respectful with the employees and clients.

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