Japanese Translations Japanese language is pretty different from other languages, it's an agglutinative language, and it's a complex language, difficult to learn, because even different words and expressions must be used depending on if you're talking to an unknown person or a superior, or a friend, or a child, or a family member; for example if you want to say "I" maybe the dictionary will show you more than 5 ways to say it, according to the occasion or situation.

However, Japanese is an interesting and attractive language maybe it could help to know some useful phrases in order to contact locals during your trip, some of them are:

Japanese English
Hello! Kon'nichiwa!
How are you? Ogenki desu ka?
Fine Genki desu.
I live in Aoyama. Aoyama ni sunde imasu.
Thank you. Arigatoo gozaimasu.
Yes. hai
No. iie
I don't understand. Wakarimasen.
I don't speak Japanese. Nihongo ga wakarimasen.

If that result a bit difficult, wait to see the writing, maybe it's the most difficult part; because writing system has different variations from classical Japanese to simplified Japanese that is not simple as it sounds, so for in this case you might want some service who offer a free translation. Some examples here:

  • a-o-i / あおい (e. blue)

  • mi-do-ri / みどり (e. green)

  • hon 本(e. book)

If you see any relation between writing and pronunciation, that's a big progress; luckily, there are many people willing to help you with a Japanese translation, if there's something you cannot read or understand; however, according to most visitors to Japan, any person can survive in Japan without knowing any Japanese writing unless you care about reading newspapers and novels in Japanese.

If you travel to Japan for working, to translate, would be a good solution, however, to translate Japanese would not be an easy task for a person that is not well-involved with the language; but if you can contact the work of a professional, a professional translation would be better in case of important work, documents and any situation that could concern with job.

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