Japan is a great city to visit or live in, if you've already visited the country , then you may already noticed that it offers a very wide range of attractions, including historical buildings, ancient cultural treasures to futuristic sights, peaceful places for meditation and a clear coast near the sea. Garden, castles, museums, festivals and so much to enjoy every day in this beautiful country, it's all up to you.

If you're decided to live in Japan we must give you some recommendations

Job Seach An finally, the most important thing you must consider since now, do a job search, remember that getting a job is not as easy as pointing your mouse cursor to a job that you want, a job search comprises several activities to be successful.

Firstly, you must know how to manage your job search and it's not different from the rest of the world; surely you'll need patience, determination and a huge and endless smile.

If you have a friend or people you know in Japan, it'll be easier but if you don't your only one option might be searching on the internet, and if you do things correctly, you should get a new job in less time than you think.

You must know yourself and your skills and experience, then you should know the labor market, Japan is a place that offers great opportunities for people prepared. You must prepare a resume; you can see examples of resume in order to do a good one, and you should prepare all information about you, your education and your job experience for any moment that a job opening is advertised or not and it surprise you.

It'll be helpful to present an one-page cover letter that accompany the resume that should attract the interest of the possible employer, you can find on internet tutorials on How to write a cover letter, and you'll have a powerful tool for your job search.

Then what you need is patience, and to practice your job interview in order to not get very anxious. Whatever is the result of the interview you must be happy and sure that you've done all that you could and maybe you'll have more luck next time. It's a great idea if you ask for feedback from the agency where you didn't get the job in order to know how to improve yourself.

Maybe you'll find freelance translation jobs to start, then you might get other jobs to improve your economic situation; a good idea would be also if you try to learn and get some involved with Japanese pop culture because it's one of Japans biggest exports; JPop, as it's commonly known, has captivated people from over the world and has influenced in fashion, entertainment and accounting with a sort of anime, games, music and a lot more. Then you can contact people from other countries and, after a detailed analysis, start a good and successful career.

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