Without a doubt, Japan is one of the most important countries in the world and a mixture of an ancient and modern culture where you can find from the most ancient temples, to the most modern skyscrapers. Of course, Japan is a very busy country where people from around the world meet in order to know more about this amazing country. If you want to travel or work in Japan, you must remember that the main difficulty is definitely its language. Considered as one of the most difficult languages to learn and spoken by at least 130 million people, Japanese is the official language of Japan and it belongs to the Japonic language family, a term that was coined by Leon Serafim.

As we said earlier, Japanese is considered as one of the most difficult languages to learn, this makes it difficult for people who want to work with this language to learn. To learn Japanese, it is necessary to invest long time and of course a considerable sum of money, but it is not enough because all depends of you. So, if you really want to speak Japanese, remember to put a lot of effort.

Learning Japanese will open you a large number of work opportunities and one of the most important is definitely writing and translation jobs. Due to its importance, the demand for Japanese translators grows each year. If this sounds like an opportunity you would like to explore, these are the steps that you may follow to become a Japanese translator.
  • Of course, the main requirement to become a Japanese translator is that you must have an excellent command of Japanese and another language like English.

  • Speaking two languages is not enough, because you must continue to improve your skills in different specialized courses that will help you earn experience and where you will improve your skills.

  • Once you have enough knowledge, you must identify what type of Japanese translator you will be. It is important because it is not the same to be a medical Japanese translator than a sports Japanese translator.

  • The final step is to get a degree in Japanese translation, this is very important because it will be the only guarantee that you are well-prepared. Besides, it is almost impossible to find your first job as Japanese translator without a degree.

Currently, there is a large number of specialized language schools where you can get a degree. But remember that most of them charge large sums of money. However, you can also opt for a Japanese online course where it is not necessary to pay a penny. In these courses you will learn all the basic aspects of Japanese like Japanese grammar, vocabulary and of course writing. You will also be able to speak with native speakers through Video chat rooms.

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